Title:  Ramona
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  R13 Offensive language and sexual material
Year:  2015
Language:  English and Spanish
Country of Origin:  United States
Sales / Distribution:  Damian Pervizi –
Official website:
Hashtag:  #ramonathemovie


Ramona is a Colombian woman who immigrates to the USA with her family when she is a young girl. She works as a nurse at a hospice facility in upstate New York. Because she cares for the terminally ill patients her job requires great physical and psychological commitment. She makes a connection with one of her patients, an elderly woman named Esther, and cares for her as if she were her own grandmother.

In the early 1960s Esther is in her late teens, and lives at her sister’s who is married and is unable to have children. Eventually Esther falls in love with her brother in law and becomes pregnant by him. Esther gives birth to a boy and names him David. After her sister threatens to reveal her secret to their parents and the community, Esther gives in and allows her sister to claim her baby. Esther sends David presents each birthday without fail. As he gets older she begins sending a post card wishing him ‘Happy Birthday’, along with a check. This goes on for nearly 40 years and Esther never has an opportunity to see her child. Esther and Ramona grow closer, and as Ramona plans to go back to NYC for her 30th birthday Esther asks Ramona to contact David and deliver a message in person. The message is a request for David to visit Esther for the first and the last time before she passes away. The weekend Ramona returns to NYC her step brother and her ex-boyfriend throw her a huge birthday party attended by many of her and their friends. Her step brother and her ex-boyfriend are criminals who deal in drugs and trafficking. They spare no expense for Ramona and the party is great. But as the party winds down Ramona is drunk and half asleep… and she is sexually assaulted by someone. After a few weeks the pregnancy test is positive.

Ramona works with terminally ill patients of all ages day in and day out, encouraging them to enjoy their last days…. hours…. minutes…. which makes her decision even more difficult. She is faced with death every day and now she has the power to choose life for one soul.

She must decide whether she will keep or abort her baby.


The idea came to me one evening at a NYC metro station. As I was waiting for my train to go home, I noticed a young lady in scrubs that sat next to me who for sure was on her homebound stretch from a long day of work.

I think that “RAMONA” came to me in that moment, when a pair of white sneakers and light blue uniform pants grabbed my attention.

As I raised my gaze, I saw a tired young woman holding on to her iPod with a pair of white headphones neatly placed on her ears, seemingly lost in her playlist.

RAMONA personifies the care and energy dedicated to a patient – dying or otherwise.

I see in Ramona my mother, my sisters and my wife, and instinctively I’ve understood that this story is dedicated to the feminine influence that has surrounded me since birth.

Bujar Alimani


Bujar Alimani’s script RAMONA addresses themes such as violence against women, the drama of immigration, and the anguish of choosing between life and death. The film includes themes that are current as much as eternal, subjects that any audience can easily identify with. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with this international award winning writer/director who, besides his sensitivity and professionalism, welcomes the input of the production team, creating an environment of collaboration which leads to synchronized creativity making for an exceptional film.

Sergio Marranzino






When I first saw Bujar Alimani’s script RAMONA (2014), the reaction I felt wasn’t the sort elicited by any ordinary independent film. As producers we watch an abundance of movies, some memorable, some forgettable, others exhaustively drab. RAMONA for me, is an instant classic. The script brings family relationships to a head in a way that is universally relatable, wonderfully honest, and very true. I like the dialogue between the characters which in many instances is in RAMONA’s native language Spanish — thereby allowing the characters to display genuine emotion towards each other, their situations, and their surroundings. The quiet, observing moments make an unforgettable impression; they are beautifully tonal, almost lyrical.

It is indeed my duty as a producer to seek stories like RAMONA and make sure they find their way into the theater screen. The script is with such a unique and inspired voice about RAMONA, this independent woman that goes through so much and yet finds a way to care for so many, I realized that this was my calling. I am confident that this independent film RAMONA will be a wonderful cinematic experience for audiences of all strata, inspiring hope in anyone who’s felt the grind of life wear them down, or struggled to find their place in this chaotic fast-passed world, or continues their struggles. This is a film based in reality and like real life it waivers between the highs and lows that we all experience. Confronting, thought provoking, heart breaking – a great story for an audience from twenty years of age onwards – uplifting, tragic and cathartic a constant in all Bujar Alimani’s masterpieces.

Damian Pervizi



as Ramona

Nancy is from a small town in Colombia and moved to America at the age of 25. She was nominated Best Actress of the 2015 California Women’s Film Festival.


as Esther

Bari is an award winning actress having won the prestigious California Film Awards Grand Jury prize for Best Supporting Actress.


as Roberto

Shpend is an Albanian-American stage and film actor. He received a Bachelor Degree in Acting from the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, and later a BFA in Theatre from Millikin University in Illinois.


as Father Mario

Mario has worked in the theater of both Italian and English language plays. His film credits include principal roles presented at the Tribeca, Berlin, Venice and Amsterdam Film Festivals.


as David

Goumba Johnny Sialiano is a long time New York radio personality, stand up comedian, actor and author.


as Cesar

Born in New York, Paul is a veteran of stage and film with a variety of skills that have been sharpened and readily administered at a moments notice.



Bujar Alimani

Bujar is an international award winning filmmaker from Albania. He studied painting and stage directing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana.


Ilias Adamis

Born in Greece, Ilias graduated from Likourgos Stavrakos Cinema and Television School. He is a founding member of the Hellenic Film Academy.


Elvis Ikonomi

Experienced and talented audio engineer in film and television. Elvis received his Audio Engineering diploma in Athens, Greece.


Sabir Kanaqi

Sabir is a young film editor and director from Montenegro. He finished studies for film directing at Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi in Albania.


Fatrin Krajka

Studied at the La Guardia High School for Music and Art and the Performing Arts. His noteworthy debuts include Carnegie Hall and Merkin Hall.


Ilir Dhamo

Ilir studied art design in Tirana, Albania and worked on numerous motion picture and theater productions.


Bujar Alimani's Reviews & Awards

“Using breathtaking images without any superfluous flourishes, AMNISTIA depicts the life of its protagonists in today’s Albania, which is marked by unemployment, economic hardship and patriarchal structures. The director not only creates a panorama of Albanian society, but also tells a love story that has the stuff of tragedy.”


“Amnesty is an impressive Albanian debut feature written and directed by Bujar Alimani. In Alimani’s unsparing and bleak vision, contemporary Albania is a traditional patriarchal society in which adultery must be violently punished. Alimani’s measured narrative pacing and spare but striking visual style mark him as an up-and-coming talent from a little-known corner of the movie universe.”

Dennis West, CINEASTE

“From the new generation of filmmakers, actorturned-filmmaker Bujar Alimani wrote and directed “Amnesty”, a dark, yet emotional drama about lowerclass Albanians who feel like strangers in their homeland. The film went on to become a major financial success in Albania, and a festival favorite in Europe.”




Father Mario
Hospice Director
Hospice Patient 1
Hospice Patient 2
Little Girl
Eye Witness 1
Eye Witness 2

Nancy Castro
Bari Hyman
Shpend Xani
Mario Padula
John Sialiano
Paul Caamano
Barry Williams
America Serda
Karen Asconi
Gent Basha
George Junior
Mark Marra
Campbell Camal
Rosa Rangled
Evelyn Smith
Chris Charles


Director Of Photography
Art Director
Original Music
Sound Design
Production Manager
First Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
Makeup Artist
Props and Costumes
Post-Production Coordinator

Bujar Alimani
Bujar Alimani
Sergio Marranzino
Damian Pervizi
Ilir Dhamo
Mariano Fiacan
Sabir Kanaqi
Ilias Adamis
Ilir Dhamo
Fatrin Krajka
TD Digital
Elvis Ikonomi
Damian Pervizi
Sabir Kanaqi
Lily Logga
Ivette Reyes
Hector Gonzalez
Damian Pervizi